White hat hackers receive Visa debit cards from Facebook


Good news for Hackers out there. Facebook is handing out “White Hat Bug Bounty” Visa debit cards.

The more bugs and exploits you find, the more Facebook will pay you by depositing the money in the card. It is said that the company is paying at least $500.

This effort by Facebook tries to reach out to Hackers in a way for the company to welcome the help of these experts. Instead of attacking their site, the company is trying to team up with them to further improve the site’s security and other services.

One good thing about this program is that Facebook doesn’t seem to have a maximum payment. So the more you find, the richer you get.

But there is a catch. In order for white hat hackers to redeem their payouts, they must first agree not to disclose the weakness for a “reasonable amount of time”, and at the same time they have to make a “good faith effort” in avoiding privacy violations.

According to ZDNet, the current highest paid bounty is about $5000. Facebook currently receives help from 84 different individuals they call researchers.

Image Source: theinquisitr.com