Skype app for Windows phone coming soon


Microsoft’s much awaited Windows Phone will be packing up a huge punch with the impending release of the Skype app.

According to Skype’s vice president of products, Rick Osterloh, “working on a Windows Phone product that will be coming out soon.” He revealed this at an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show last week.

Microsoft has been mum on the details of their Skype app. They acquired the company last October.

Joe Belfiore who is the Director of the Windows Phone Program of Microsoft originall said that Skype will be available for Windows Phones late last year. 2011 has come and gone and no app was released and we haven’t heard anything from him or the company since.

Microsoft’s first Windows Phone Skype app is largely seen as a beta version until the company releases “Apollo” which is expected to be released this year.

If this pushes through this year, then it would be a big boost for the Windows Phone as it tries to gobble up market share from the iPhone and the Android smartphones. The Skype app will truly revolutionize the industry as it will make voice calling easier.


  1. I’ve tried using this app and it’s very useful but they better put up useful updates because it seems to be slower compared to Apple’s Facetime.

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