Cellphone usage in North Korea is considered a war crime


So what country does mobile phone usage constitute as a war crime? North Korea.

In a seemingly comedic story, The Telegraph is reporting that in North Korea, anybody who is caught using his/her cell phone or attempting to escape to china during the 100-day mourning period for Kim Jong-il is subject to punishment as it is considered as a war crime.

North Korea was grieving and mourning as their “Great Leader” died due to heart attack last December 17. The Telegraph reported that increasing poverty and oppression and diminishing food supplies, tens of thousand of people are trying to escape to neighboring countries.

As the recent post by Quiklo, a cell phone company informs us, the ban on cell phone use came from the North Korean government wanting to keep the information flow in and out of the country to a minimum. Stifling cell phone usage isn’t new to this country as they did it in 1998.

last November, Reuters reported that at least a million North Koreans are going to have cell phones by the end of 2011. This was encouraging news as just a few years ago, people were incarcerated or executed just by owning one. The one million is only a tiny percent of the population.