This year’s Consumer Electronics Show draws big crowd


A bevy of individuals flocked the Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas which opened last Tuesday. According to the show’s organizer, they nearly had 150,000 attendants that booked for hotel rooms in this city this year.

The convention had a record 3,100 companies present in the event. Their stalls ranges from small ones to mega boots from big companies who paid millions just to show their latest technologies.

In LG Corporation’s booth, representatives handed out 3D glasses and a movie was played in their gigantic screen that showed meteor showers shooting towards the viewers. There was an exchange of oohh and aahh from the gathered crowd.

In a sadder note, this is Microsoft Corporation’s final CES. They have already delivered their final keynote address. The company even hired the famous Ryan Seacrest to be their emcee.

The host exchanged a few laughs with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer such as when the latter tried to explain the new Windows 8, called the Metro.

The exchange went, Steve: “The Metro user interface– you’ve seen it being pioneered in recent years, but now it’s all coming together”. Ryan: “why did you look at me funny when you said Metro?”