Apple iOS beats Android in Christmas activations


Statistics show that people bought had bought a LOT of iPhones and Androids last holiday season and these two combined have a total of 6.8 million activations on December 25. This figure was according to the analytics firm Flurry.

Yesterday, Google’s senior VP for mobile Andy Rubin said that there were a total of 3.7 million Android phones activated the weekend of Christmas and on the 25th. Last December 20, the latter tweeted that there were about 700,000 devices activated each day.

If a 50% growth was established by Android this year (pertaining to holiday activations) then figures would put 1.1 mllion activations are recorded and not higher than 2.6 million.

If we assume this as true then at about 4.2 million iOS devices were activated on the 25th of December. And Apple would have bested Android devices by 1.6 million

Fortune columnist Elmer DeWitt believes that the iPad and the iPod touch were the once responsible for Apple’s surge this past Christmas and not the iPhone 4S. According to him this is due to the fact that Android smartphones have increased their market share this past year.

These figures are based on projections. Mr. DeWitt also said that his estimate doesn’t account sales or activations for Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The compnay also hasn’t released figures for their device. Reports from eDataSource estimated that 850,000 to 2,000,000 units were sold in the span of 15 days from November to December of 2011.