Intel & Microsoft Join Forces For Windows 8

Intel & Microsoft join forces for Windows 8

Intel is welcoming the new year with a bang!

The company’s Clover Trail silicon is the first release of the chipmaker for the up coming Windows 8 tablets.

The latter is an Atom chip that is due for release during the second half of the year. Windows 8 is also scheduled to be released around that time according to CNET.

Intel’s Clover Trail is said to be a follow-up of their Medfield, a chip for smartphones. The Medfield can also be used in tablets but it only has a single core design. The Clover Trail offers a dual core version that is better for tablet developers. Prototypes of tablets running on Windows 8 will be showed off to individuals during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) later this month.

According to DigiTimes, Acer and Lenovo are expected to release the Clover Trail tablets running on Windows 8 during the third quarter of this year.

Samsung surprised those who attended the Windows Build Conference last year when they showed them Windows 8 tablet having an Intel processor.

Usually ARM processors are the once being used by Android tablets. They are known for their power efficiency and wide use in smartphones and tablets. But Intel is trying to close the gap between Medfield, Clover Trail and with their Silvermont. The Silvermont is proposed to be released next year.

Windows 8 is a tablet that is more friendlier than its predecessor, the Windows 7.

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