Chicago restaurants no longer taking cellphone orders


Technology makes our lives easier and much more fun. Not only does it do that, it also makes that world so much smaller while some even say that it has made it safer.

However, some restaurants in Chicago refute this statement, that techonolgy makes us “safer” at this day and age. It could also mean that you’re a robber taking advantage of technology.

According to TripChow Food Blog reports, there are a lot of delivery guys in the Windy City that has been robbed by cell phone orderers in certain areas in Chicago. With this in mind, restaurants are now reportedly taking only orders from landline owners.

The two areas where these misdemeanors have been occurring are at Chinatown and Hyde Park.

Local Police have already issued a warning to all business owners, complete with cell phoen numbers of those already involved in robbing incidents.

Leona’s restaurant owner Michael Bjordal told CBS, “I don’t want to retire from this business and have a dead delivery driver on my conscience.” Leona’s is located in Hyde Park.

We have seen a rapid decline on the landline business. With its fall comes the rise of cell phone users which has ballooned its population since its inception. So it’s hard to believe that people will always turn away every cell phone order.

Common sense tells restaurant owners to avoid cell phone orderers, but common sense also tells them that not all ther customers are subscribed to landlines.

Image Credit: Chronicle/Mark Costantini