Acer debuts world’s thinnest laptop


Gadgets evolve through time. Laptops used to be a gargantuan chopping block with no curves and packed a lot of pounds.

Now, it seems like companies and developers are competing to have devices that are the smallest of their brood.

Take for example Acer. The Taiwan based company will be unveiling the world’s thinnest laptop at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this week. The company will be selling the latter in the second quarter of 2012.

A reviewer from Gaming Laptops – Top10BestPro said, “the S5 is a new benchmark for sleek and light-weight design of a laptop.”

Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies said, “that S5 is quite significant. It looks like the thinnest and lightest, and it sets the bar for the rest of the ultrabook vendors.”

The Aspire S5 boasts of a 34cm screen and is only 15mm at the most. It weighs no more than 1.35 kg.

Acer chief executive J.T. Wang said, “we are committed to evolving this technology. By the second quarter of this year we will have four models of ultrabook and more to come.”

J.T. Wang also believes that the ultrabooks will eat up 35% of Acer’s product line this year.

Tim Bajarin also noted that, “the real battle is not with Apple, it is with all the other vendors coming out with Windows ultrabooks. Apple will still do great with MacBook Air, but in the Windows world it is great news that five years after Apple set the tone the industry is finally getting something equal.”