Microsoft FINALLY Retires Internet Explorer 6! (IE6)


Let us pause for a minute of silence to remember Internet Explorer 6…

The old browser was finally laid to rest — at least in the United States. The 11-year-old IE6 has seen its share of flaws in the years it served its users.

The news was reported as new data showed that no more than 1% of American website visitors are using the browser.

All over the globe, the IE 6 is still being used by at least 8% of individuals. Most of its users are based in Asia, majority of them lives in China.

Its poor performance is attributed by two major factors.

The first one is its poor design and security. The Internet Explorer 6 has been the brunt of the browser community for quite awhile.

Then, the IE 6 came as the default browser of the Windows XP. The XP still has a lot of users in the world. Far bigger in number than Vista users.

Last year, Microsoft launched a countdown site to encourage people and track them tho upgrading to later editions. The company announced last month that they will use Windows Update to force updates to IE6 and IE7 browsers. Those individuals who update their computers manually are the only ones who still run the IE6.


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