ZTE to bring high end phones in US


Chinese phone maker ZTE is planning to invade North America sometime in 2012. ZTE will introduce their top of the line gadgets to the US market. ZTE is well known for their low end gadgets.

Lixin Cheng, ZTE’s North American President said in a Wall street Journal interview that the company is planning to offer high-end smartphones compatible with 4G LTE networks that would arrive next year. He believes that the US market will be the future of ZTE handsets.

The ZTE smartphone is expected to be similar with Apple’s iPhone but is cheaper compared to its popular rival. But the company is showing signs of growth. This year, its percent share of global phone shipments have increased by five percent. Its cellphone shipments both smart and feature phones even ranks higher than Apple in the world.

ZTE is making premiere label gadgets for companies and telecommunication carriers and will be releasing its own brand in North America when its high end smartphone arrives in 2012.