Jawbone halts production of Up fitness wristband


Fitness wristband maker Jawbone has stopped producing Up due to the latter’s battery issues and they are willing to give its customers full refund.

Even if their Up wristband has no issues, Jawbone is still willing to give its owners the full refund as well as allowing them to keep their wristbands.

Travis Bogard, the vice president of product management of the company said, “I think most people will what’s right.”

The Up which is a wristband that works together with the Jawbone app of Apple’s iPhone tracks sleeping patterns, movements and eating habits. It was originally planned to sell like pancakes and Apple even chose to place it on their retail stores.

Some owners of the Up have complained that their wristbands won’t recharge and some complain of having their Up batteries drain quickly.

Jawbone CEO issued a statement that the problem is “with two specific capacitors in the power system that affects the ability to hold a charge.” He added that the issues are “purely performance related and do not pose any safety risk.

The production of Up has been stopped and orders for this device have been denied. Selling of the Up will continue once Jawbone resolves the problem.