A new look for Twitter


Twitter is making life easier for its subscribers when it unveiled a new design for desktop and mobile app Twitter users.

The update improves the users profiles and Twitter timeline and they added a new feature, its discovery tool and at the same time they added an easy access “tweet” button.

You can download the update for your Android and iPhone at mobile.twitter.com and will be accessed through Twitter.com in the following weeks.

Twitter said in a blog post that, “what we’re announcing today is just the beginning. We now have a framework in place that we will quickly build and iterate upon to help users connect with whatever is meaningful to them.”

The upgrade revolves around 4 major elements namely the Home, Connect, Discover and Me.

The Home is a subscribers Twitter feed. The latest tweets are now located at the right side of the page and the “who to follow” and topics that are trending are now at the left side portion. Above this is the “compose a tweet” box.

The update gives the subscribers the ability to view photos and videos directly in the stream rather than it popping out of the box to the right of your stream.

The connect section is where your replies or tweets are located. Twitter also added an Interactions tab that lets you track your impact across the site.

The Discover section lets you view a list of trending topics or hashtags. Now it also adds links to stories based on popularity and your connections, language and location.

The Me section on the other hand is all about you, the subscriber.

To view the changes of Twitter you can visit fly.twitter.com.

Tweets are now also embeddable. According to Brian Ellin, “every tweet has a story that’s more than just 140 characters. It has an author, mentions @people and #topics, contains media, and has actions you can use to share or join the conversation. It’s a dynamic piece of media, and we believe that everyone should be able to view and interact with Tweets on the Web in the same ways you would from any Twitter client.”

Twitter’s last overhaul was last August 2010.