New name for RIM’s Blackberry OS


Research In Motion has decided to change the name of its new Operating System. The intial plan was to name it BBX, but they’ve decided to name the BlackBerry 10.

The change was due to the granting of a restraining order last Tuesday by a federal court in New Mexico to a small Albuquerque based software maker, Basis International that claims that they have been using the name BBx for sometime already.

In a statement released by RIM last Wednesday, they said that “The BlackBerry 10 name reflects the significance of the new platform and will leverage the global strength of the BlackBerry brand while also aligning perfectly with RIM’s device branding.” It is good to note that they have not addressed the latest news on the infringement action.

This is another setback for RIM which had to deal with having to restate its financial guidance for this quarter because of cheap prices of tablet computer’s as well as the dismissal of two of their top honchos due to drunken behavior in a Toronto-Beijing flight.

The latest OS is being developed by QNX Software Systems, a Canada based company that RIM acquired a year ago.

The BlackBerry 10 will be replacing BlackBerry’s current OS, the BlackBerry 7.