Insider: Apple to win patent battle over Motorola


The war of the smartphones have seen a ton of shake ups in recent days. Take for example Motorola’s pending loss in its patent battle with Apple. Not only do these two companies fight over market share. But strangely, they have been bruising together in the justice department with Apple getting possibly the nod over Motorola.

Florian Mueller, an intellectual property expert, used the phrase “war of attrition” in describing the battle between Apple and Android makers. He disclosed that a court in Germany is likely to decide for Apple in the pending lawsuit against Motorola over the Android photo gallery.

According to Mueller, “the court doesn’t have much doubt about the validity of this patent and appears rather convinced (at the end of the hearing even more so than at its outset) that the Android photo gallery constitutes a violation of that patent at least in its ‘zoom in ‘ mode and possible (though this is not yet certain) in its ‘zoom out’ mode.’

The European Patent 2059868 is the one in question. It is the Portable Electronic Device for Photo Management.

If the court awards this battle to Apple, Motorola would likely modify its software.

Just last week, the U.S. International Trade Commission found that HTC violated a patent of Apple. But just a day after the release of this ruling, HTC was already testing devices that found loop holes in Apple’s intellectual property.

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