defends fake ID app


Gary Tsifrin of, the company that created the License app, defended the application after it was pulled by Apple from the App Store.

Tsifrin explained that the images resulting from the app will not be usable to create counterfeit licenses because it has a low image resolution, used different fonts and has the company’s logo in it.

“It would take a lot more expertise to rejigger the driver’s license app [to create a fake license],” Tsifrin noted. “It would be much easier to start from scratch.”

The controversial app was pulled out by Apple after receiving complaints that the app can be easily used to create fake driver’s licenses. Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, who joined the Coalition to Secure Driver’s Licenses, were among those who made their concerns clear.

Casey, though the coalition, released a letter addressed to Apple CEO Tim Cook stating that, “National security systems depend on the trustworthiness of driver’s licenses, yet with a counterfeit license created by the app, a terrorist could bypass identity verification by the Transportation Security Administration, or even apply for a passport.

Tsifrin was all for the Senator’s drive in securing government IDs, this time however, he says that the app was mistakenly attacked, especially since the company was not contacted for their side of the story.

“In this case no one looked at the app,” he shares. He also points out that the there had been no reports of instances where the app was used to create fake IDs in the two years that it has been released.

So uhm, just a thought, will Photoshop be pulled out from the market too? 😉

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