Confirmed: Software update for Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Verizon has just confirmed that their most up-to-date Android phone available in the market will be receiving a software update in January. So what’s wrong?

A company spokesperson asserted that there isn’t one, just a “confusion” on the device’s signal indicator.

In an email sent by the Brenda Raney to Computerword, the company insists that “”there is no issue with the performance of the device.” The update is said to juat “adjust the signal strength indicator to more closely match other Verizon Wireless devices.”

It seems that apparently, the Galaxy Nexus shows a different signal indicator as compared to other phones. For instance, the phone displays only one bar when it would have 3 bars of service on another phone.

Whether this is true or not, there have also been complaints that the service being is no-so-stellar, especially for the 3G date connections which would sometimes drop down or completely unavailable.

So would this update really solve the problem? Or would just be a “cosmetic change” to placate the discontented Nexus users? We’d have to wait this January to find out. 🙂