Carrier IQ: SMS content never stored and transmitted


We’ve heard about what the phone makers, carriers and the even the authorities have to say on this very controversial topic. Now let’s look at the other side and read about what the guys from Carrier IQ have to say in their defense.

Just a little refresher for those who haven’t heard of this issue, Carrier IQ is a software manufacturing company that has been accused of logging keystrokes, including SMS messages. A security researcher posted a video showing the software in action which as of this writing, has cost Carrier IQ four lawsuits.

Carrier IQ’s Marketing VP Andrew Coward explains that the content of the SMS messages are never logged. “ There are two things that happen when SMS messages are received. One is, obviously, we count them, the ones that succeed, the ones that fail. We do also record the telephone numbers the SMSs are from and to’” he explained. “The content of the SMS is never stored and never transmitted,” he adds.

Coward also insists that the information they provide to the carriers are actually “less than what they already know”. He also adds that the data that the company collects is not for their own behalf. “The data that’s being gathered is commissioned by the operators to be gathered.” He explained.

“The operators themselves will comply with law enforcement. They will have a huge amount of information even without our technology.”

As previously mentioned, carriers and operators, as well as phone makers Nokia and RIM have already denied associations from Carrier IQ. Both HTC and Samsung now face wiretapping charges.