Aptera closes shop


The future looks bright for car manufacturer’s. Unfortunately for the electric car company Aptera, the future looks gloomy and bleak.

Aptera was forced to close shop after failing to come up with enough money to turn their prototype into actuality. The money could have supported their four wheeled car design that can sit up to five individuals. The key feature of this proposed automobile was that it runs on electric power and it costs only 30,000 USD. Much more cheaper compared to other hybrid cars out there in the market today.

What made Aptera popular was their Jetsons inspired automobile. Aptera initially made waves when they proposed to build a car that looked like a replica of the car from that famous cartoon. The three wheeled car was intended to run 100 miles on all electric charge.

The company began to take orders for this vehicle promising to deliver the units in 2011. Unfortunately, they were not able to create the vehicle thus they began to return the deposits of those who ordered as early as August of 2011.

A statement released by Aptera president and CEO Paul Wilbur said, “We remain confident, even as this chapter closes, that Aptera has contributed tech new technologies to build a future for more efficient driving. Through the dedicated staff at Aptera, our board and suppliers we have touched this future. All that remains is for someone to grab it. We still believe it will happen.”