Google to add affordable one-day delivery for online purchases


Trying to avoid long queus and unruly attendants in malls? These days of high tech gizmos and reliable online selling sites, one can easilly navigate through several websites to purchase an item with just a touch of a button (and of course good standing credit is a must).

One of the most popular sites to go shop online is Amazon. Unfortunately you’d have to pay extra if you want to have your item delivered on your door steps the next day.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Google is trying to make a single day delivery system and is now in talks with retailers that’s going to offer online shoppers a faster and more convenient way to go purchase stuff online.

The trick here is that this service should be inexpensive. Very few individuals are willing to shell out some of their hard earned money for this type of service. A number of sellers who provide this type of service to their clientele have shown interest on the Google program, this according to The Chicago Tribune.

The Google one-day program would use existing Google search feature then link the shopper to an online shop to view the item and place the order for the merchandise. The existing search and link capability will have their shipping overseen by the Google program. The service will find out if the merchandise is in stock and if it can be delivered within a day. The program will have UPS as a partner and other small carriers too.

Macy’s, GAP and OfficeMax are said to be the retailers that are now in talks with Google.