Apple: Early submission of apps for the holidays


Developers of games, photography, productivity and other apps available in the App Store have been given a deadline by Apple to update their current software versions in time for the holiday season. This comes as individuals have started purchasing iTunes gift cards as presents to their loved ones.

The Cupertino-based company sent a memo to all developers a month ago informing them that they is shutting down from Dec. 22-29 for the holidays. Apple employees, including engineers, developer relations and application review teams will be heading for a long vacation. Apple retail stores will still remain open during the holiday season though.

All applications created by developers must first be approved by Apple before being released to the market. Since their headquarters will be closed, applications cannot be reviewed and approved.

Developers who are not following the warning may find their apps dropped from the App Store. Apple also informed developers not to have a price increase during the holiday season since the system will be closed and if they so decide to have a price change, their app may be unavailable for consumers.