Flipboard app hits millionth download


A million downloads within the week after its release?

This was what Flipboard’s iPhone app has achieved in that short amount of time.

According to paidContent, individuals not only downloads the app and sets it aside. Flipboard has been getting 650 million flips per month with its iPad app. But with the release of its iPhone app, numbers soared to 2 billion flips.

Jill Duffy of PCMag tried the new app comparing it to the original app that was designed mainly for use with the iPad. She noted that, “one might worry that the comparatively cramped screen space might bog down the experience, but our first impressions are that design still reigns even on the smaller device. The usability and ‘flipping’ motion of paging through the app are just as graceful and pretty as they are on the iPad version.”

Social reading apps have also increased in number since last week.

Zite launched its latest iPhone app last Friday that lets individuals access their iPad content on the iPhone at the same time.

Google also launched its mobile reader app. Named Google Currents, it is available for iOS and Adroid.