Website for rejected apps? Check!


App Store It seems that there is no end to this controversy surrounding Apple and their shady method of approving and rejecting applications – unless they do of course, provide a clear system for their approval process.

A lot of developers aren’t happy with their way and are now going a step further in expressing this. Even Joe Hewitt, developer of the official Facebook app called it quits just this month. He told TechCrunch that his “decision to stop iPhone development has had everything to do with Apple’s policies” because he is “philosophically opposed to the existence of their review process”.

Another evidence of the growing revolt against Apple is the launching of AppRejections Created by iPhone developer Adam Martin, the site tracks all “unusual” and “unfair” rejections done by Cupertino-based company.

“Since Apple point-blank refuses to document the criteria, or even to discuss the matter on anything except a case-by-case basis,” Martin says, “I decided to collate all the known examples of rejected apps — and so this site was born.”

He also says that it was the rejection of the Google Voice application that spurred him to create the website.

Do you think it’s time for Apple to start talking?