Mickey Mouse’s dark side soon on Wii

Disney's Epic Mickey Logo (Source: CNet)
Disney's Epic Mickey Logo (Source: CNet)

Who doesn’t know Mickey Mouse? The iconic Walt Disney character has become a household name known to many as cute, happy-go-lucky mouse on different adventures.

What others didn’t know, or forgot, is that the mischievous mouse started out as badly-behaved critter (still in a slightly good way though 😉 ) in 1928. Warren Spector, a best-known video game designer, is gonna show you that.

“I wanted to remind Mickey that it’s okay to be mischievous and badly-behaved. For so many years, he hasn’t been allowed to do anything remotely mischievous. But if you go back to those early cartoons, he was very badly behaved, and we’ve got to let him get back to that,” Spector said in an interview with CNet.

“Mickey touches everybody, and none of us will ever meet a human being who doesn’t know about this character.”

Disney’s Epic Mickey is an adventure-platforming game which will be distributed exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii. The story, according to CNet News, revolves around a world created by the sorcerer from the The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. In this world, the forgotten Disney creations reside, including Oswald, Walt Disney’s earliest cartoon star. As what usually happens in the real world, Oswald becomes bitter as Mickey becomes more famous so when Mickey accidentally destroy Oswald’s comfort zone in his world, Oswald is making sure the little critter will face the consequences.

“It’s a game where we remind (people) that Mickey is a hero who solves problems by dynamically changing the world around him and deciding how to interact with the people and places and problems he encounters in this strange new world,” Spector said.

Disney’s Epic Mickey is set to be released in the fall of 2010.

Source: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13772_3-10390179-52.html


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