HD Radio now iPhone and iPod Touch

Credit: RadioShack
Credit: RadioShack

Some people might be complaining of the lack of radio capability of the iPhone and the iPod touch, but the competition such as the Zune HD is banking on this, having one advantage over the king of MP3 players.

However, with the iPod Touch and iPhone’s amazing flexibility with regards to third-party accessories, fans of the Apple player can now sit back and enjoy what it couldn’t do before.

The Gigaware In-Line Remote with HD Radio brings makes it possible for users of the iPhone and iPod Touch to access their favorite radio stations, allowing for crystal-clear music minus the subscription fees. The In-Line Remote can be connected via the iPhone or the iPod Touch’s dock connector and it replicates the click wheel of the iPod for easy music control.

This accessory also displays track info such as title and artist on the iPod screen and the iTunes Tagging allows users to “tag” the songs you hear on the radio so that you can easily purchase it iTunes.

The Gigaware In-Line Remote with HD Radio is available in the market for $80.

Take that HD Zune! 😉

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