iTunes says goodbye to Palm Pre…Again


Apple scores another point in their cat-and-mouse game with Palm.

Last Thursday, Apple released iTunes 9.0.3 update. Apparently, besides adding support for the new Apple TV 3.0 software and touting a new look for easier navigation, it also once again blocks the Palm Pre from automatically syncing into iTunes.

Since its release in July, Palm has manipulated the Pre to sync iTunes songs and other files. Apple didn’t like this arrangement though and released the iTunes 8.2.1 software update which “ no longer provide syncing functionality with non-Apple digital media players”, according to Apple’s support site.

Palm decided to fight back and and released WebOS 1.1 for the Pre, their own software update. Among other things, the update allowed media synching with the 8.2.1 version of iTunes. In a blog announcing the release, Palm nonchalantly added at the end of the article: “Oh, and one more thing: Palm webOS 1.1 re-enables Palm media sync. That’s right–you once again can have seamless access to your music, photos and videos from the current version of iTunes (8.2.1).”

Palm also complained to the USB Implementers Forum that Apple was abusing the principle of open gadget connectivity, however the USB-IF decided to side with Apple and issued a warning against Palm.

Instead of backing out, Palm went ahead and released another software (webOS 1.2.1) that enabled media syncing with iTunes again.

So what will all of these come to? Who knows? You better keep posted though as this is getting more and more interesting. 🙂