AT&T goes prepaid


AT&T For their wireless broadband, that is.

Announced today, the giant cellphone carrier has expanded its service by offering prepaid wireless broadband service allow users to connect their laptops to the Internet. Up until now, AT&T customers had to sign a contract for their wireless broadband service. To attract more customers, and to keep up with the competition (Verizon announced their prepaid service earlier this month), AT&T has now ventured in that direction too.

The AT&T DataConnect Pass plans has three packages, priced similarly to what Verizon Wireless is offering.

Customers can choose to pay $15 usable for 24 hours or 75MBs maximum usage, whichever comes first. The weekly plan costs $30 covers 7 days, and up to 250MB of data usage. The monthly plan costs $50 and allows usage for 30 days and up to 500MB of data.

To give you an idea of how much you can use this packages, Marguerite Reardon of CNET estimates that 75MB of data is about 25,600 e-mails sent or received, download 500 Web pages, and send and receive 150 low-resolution digital phones. A 250MB-worth of data usage would allows users to send or receive about 85,300 e-mails, look up 1,700 Web pages, or send or receive about 500 low resolution digital photos. Lastly, the 500MB data package would allow users to send and receive about 170,000 e-mails, look up 3,400 Web pages, and send or receive 1,000 low-resolution digital photos. 🙂