Google acquires Teracent


teracent There seems to be no stopping Google in their bid to acquire more and more companies.

Just this month, the search giant announced its acquisition of Gizmo5 and AdMob. Today, Google announced that it has also acquired Teracent, an online advertising startup that serves computer-configured display ads from a library of elements.

With this acquisition, Google aims to make it easier for their advertisers to run more effective display ad campaigns.

“Teracent’s technology can pick and choose from literally thousands of creative elements of a display ad in real-time — tweaking images, products, messages or colors,” Neal Mohan, Google VP of product management, and Google engineering Director Joerg Heilig both said in a blog post.

“These elements can be optimized depending on factors like geographic location, language, the content of the Web site, the time of day or the past performance of different ads.”

Seems like Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, wasn’t joking when he said the company was looking to accelerate its acquisition rate. Let’s see what else they’ll think of buying next. 🙂