Solar-powered ebook reader from LG unveiled

Credt: LG Display
Credit: LG Display

Drained your batteries? Don’t fret. Just take you ebook reader outside – if the sun’s up, that is.

Developed to fit the 6-inch display panel for the ebook reader currently produced by the company, LG Display unveiled the thin-film solar cell prototype that’s thinner than a credit card.

The solar cell measures 10 centimeters in width and length and weighs just 20 grams. It was produced by placing electrode in a glass or plastic substrate. By exposing the cell four to five hours in the sun, you’ll get an additional day’s worth of reading time.

“E-books are attracting a lot of attention because they offer the advantage of storing thousands of books’ worth of contents in an easy-to-carry device. The idea of e-book combined with solar cell will offer users the added benefit of longer usage. We will continue to provide users with enhanced convenience and value to solidify our lead in next-generation, environmentally friendly products,” Mr. Ki Yong Kim, head of the Solar Cell Office at LG Display, said.

The prototype was showcased during the International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) 2009 in KINTEX, Gyenggi, Korea which run from October 12 to 16.