Google Docs launches Shared Folders


This much-requested feature on Google Docs has finally been granted by Google.

Announced today, Google Docs now includes shared folders. With this in place, users can share any file placed in a folder eliminating the need to set-up sharing privileges for each individual file.

“Once you’ve shared a folder, all of the items in the folder will be accessible to the group. You can also add someone to an existing shared folder to give them access to all of the folder’s content,” Google Docs Product Manager Vijay Bangaru, explains in a blog post. “Likewise, each item you add to the folder will be automatically shared. Just like with sharing documents, you can specify edit and view-only access for a folder.”

The folders can contain different files such as Docs, Spreadsheets or Presentation files.

In addition to shared folders, Google Docs also added the multiple upload feature. Now, users can upload a number of files at the same time, with each file’s progress easily viewable.

Thanks Google! 😉