Short update: PepsiCo finally takes down controversial app

Credit: AP Photo/Dan Goodman
Credit: AP Photo/Dan Goodman

After receiving much criticism for stereotyping women, PepsiCo announced that it will remove the application “Amp up before you score” today, according to the Associated Press.

If you haven’t heard about this controversial iPhone app, it promises men to “score” with stereotyped women with pickup lines”suitable” for each class. Women are classified into stereotypes such as foreign exchange student, nerd, cougar, and rebound girl, among others. It also includes a “brag list” for men to tally their conquest and post them in popular online sites like Facebook and Twitter.

PepsiCo issued an apology for the application last week but the app was still up and available online before it was finally taken down today.

In a statement, the company took responsibility for its action and said that discountinuing the app was the “most appropriate course of action” after “listening to a variety of audiences.”