Amazon eliminates Kindle U.S. versions

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

I’ve said this a couple of times, and I’m gonna say it again, Amazon is really serious in maintain their status as the reigning ebook reader provider.

After unveiling the international version of the Kindle just a couple of weeks ago which was sold for $279, Amazon decided to take away twenty bucks from its original price and lower it down to $259.

The company also announced that the U.S version of Kindle, which was powered by Sprint, is being discontinued. All the new Kindles now use AT&T as the device’s carrier.

If you’ve already bought the international version of the Kindle, don’t fret about getting it too early thus more expensive because Amazon is generous enough to give you a $20 refund.

Good news! Due to strong customer demand for our newest Kindle with U.S. and international wireless, we are consolidating our family of 6-inch Kindles. As part of this consolidation, we are lowering the price of the Kindle you just purchased from $279 down to $259. You don’t need to do anything to get the lower price–we are automatically issuing you a $20 refund. This refund should be processed in the next few days and will appear as a credit on your next billing statement.

Amazon won’t be completely severing its ties with Sprint though. director of communications Drew Herdner said that the Kindle DX will still continue to use Sprint’s data network. 🙂