Apple Maps to replace Google Maps on iPhone?


That is the question a lot of people are asking ever since it was revealed that corporate giant Apple has snapped up a small mapping service in July.

Placebase, a small Los Angeles-based company, offers an API that lets users and developers create customized features and incorporate private and public data sets in lots of ways.

Does this mean that Apple would eventually develop its own satellite mapping service and remove Google maps on their iPhone and iPod Touch? If it did, it wont be that surpising since Apple has slowly began to divest itself off of anything third-party, from chips to software, and began to develop their own so as not to be dependent on others.

Also over the years, the once-friendly companies slowly began to drift off. Google before didn’t touch Apple territory, the search giant slowly began to drift off towards becoming a competition towards Apple such as introducing their own browser and their own operating system. A good example of this drifting off would be Google CEO Eric Schmidt resigning from Apple’s board of directors in August.

“It would not surprise me if Apple was looking to find some way to be independent from Google, particularly for something like Google Maps, which is a default application for the iPhone and iPod touch,” Michael Gartenberg, a vice president at Interpret. “Apple may be hedging itself against a time when it may find itself directly in competition with Google.”