Sony to launch 3D Televisions in 2010


Three-dimensional (3D) experience won’t be limited to theaters anymore as Sony, the Japanese consumer electronics maker, announced that they will be launching 3D-capable TVs by next year.

“A variety of issues still need to be addressed, but the 3D train is on the track and Sony is ready to drive it home,” Sony SEO Howard Stringer told delegates at the IFA technology conference held in Berlin.

Sony also mentions that they hope to make its other devices support 3D content soon too. These include the VAIO laptops, PlayStation 3 games consoles and its Blu-ray high def DVD players.

Other companies are also following suit. LG and Samsung have already outlined their plans to make their own 3D TVs too. Satellite broadcaster Sky has also confirmed that it’ll be launching a 3D channel by 2010.

PCWorld reports that to be able to experience the “3D-ness” of the television, viewers will need to wear special glasses that have filters in them. These filters will switch on and off at high speed, matching the image from the screen.

The 3D-compatible TVs will be launched as part of the company’s Bravia LCD range. Prices for the TVs however, were not disclosed yet but I bet it won’t be easy on the pocket.