Samsung’s prototype touchscreen remote control unveiled

Source: PC World
Source: PC World

Modern-day living keeps getting better and better and TV-viewing might never be the same thanks to Samsung’s prototype remote control.

This hi-tech portable remote control features a 7-inchscreen that not only allows you to switch channels (duh), but also shows what’s playing on other channels and lets you access basic internet applications.

So how does it work?

The remote control has three tabs designed for the ultimate viewing experience. One displays the control buttons for the TV and the second tab lets you browse other channels. If a user finds a channel they want to view on the main TV, all they have to do is to hold down the channel icon and drag it towards the top screen. The third tab lets you access the Internet.

The remote control and the TV are liked by an 802.11n WiFi, PC World reports.

“The advantage is that if you have a family, your wife [can be] watching one channel, and you can browse on your small device some other channel or zap there without annoying anybody else,” Michael Zöller, marketing director at Samsung Electronics Europe, said.

The device was unveiled at the IFA electronics fair in Berlin. According to the company however, availability of the remote control in the market is yet unknown as the concept is still being developed.

Wow, can’t wait to have one of those.. 🙂