New NFL Twitter policy


NFL fans can now rejoice as their favorite players can now use Twitter and other social media platforms again – but with restrictions still.

Previously, the league had prohibited players, coaches and club personnel from using laptops, cellphones and other electronic devices beginning pregame warm-ups until the conclusion of the game.

This would not have worked though because the lots of players are also er—Twitter addicts.

The league then released its amended policy Monday saying that “coaches, players and football operations personnel are permitted under league policy and with club permission to use social media on game day during specific time periods before and after games… up to 90 minutes before kickoff and after the game following media interviews.”

A written statement from NFL was issued stating their reason for the amendment: “The growth of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has created important new ways for the NFL and clubs to communicate and connect with fans. The NFL has been at the forefront of the use of new media and will continue to emphasize innovative and appropriate use of these new forms of communication.”

Yaaaay social media networks and its addictive nature! LOL