MLB’s iPhone app updated


Major League Baseball fans have also something to be happy for.

Previously, users of At Bat 2009, Major League Baseball’s iPhone app, had the option to watch up to two live games on their iPhone or iPod touch everyday for free.

Now, with the release of the Version 1.4 update, developer gives users the choice of watching all games live – for a fee. Fans can now watch any of the other games (Blackout and other restrictions apply) scheduled for that evening for 99 cents, aside from the two free games of course. At Bat 2009 updated version still offers its users live audio without any blackout restrictions as well as real-time video highlights, updated scores, short-form video recaps, and Gameday functionality.

This in-app purchasing is made possible through Apple’s iPhone SDK for version 3.0 of their phone’s OS. At Bat 2009 is available for $9.99 and requires the iPhone 3.0 update.