CellStories to rival Kindle and Sony Reader?


Launched on Tuesday, CellStories.net is a Web site that posts literature everyday for free which can be accessed by any cellphone with an internet connection.

CellStories posts will include short stories, personal essays as well as narrative journalism and creative nonfiction.

Dan Sinker, a teacher of journalism at Columbia College Chicago and creator of CellStories.net made sure that the Web site is accessible and simple enough to be able to work in any handheld mobile device.

“Anyone that thinks something like the Sony Reader or the Kindle is a device that’s going to be around in even three years is delusional,” Sinker told Reuters. “We’re past the point where people say ‘I want one device to do one thing.’”

“CellStories isn’t the thing that replaces (the Kindle) but … the question of how do we read on computing devices was answered when phones like the iPhone came out,” he added.

The website is beneficial to authors as well.

Although contributing authors will not be paid “as the site is not yet designed to make money”, Sinker said readers new readers can view their work and then seek out and buy their published work. He also said that he has agreements with some small independent publishers that are willing to feature the site’s contributing authors.

Source: http://tech.yahoo.com/news/nm/20090901/tc_nm/us_internet_reading