Gmail goes down for more than hour


“Gmail is down & everyones having panic attacks,” a Twitter user wrote.

Well, Google’s Gmail did went offline for more than an hour on Tuesday and resulted to z lot of outcries from its users.

According to the Mountain View, Calif. company, it also had a “service disruption” on Monday as well.

These outages may not be a big deal for others but it is for the company and especially for the paying customers of Google apps.

Because most of Google’s services are cloud-based, it should be available without interruption.

The company also assures their customers that their services are up and available at least 99.9% all the time. Meaning, Google can only afford 0.1% (around 45 minutes) of a month for outages and problems. “Any less and Google starts to lose money back to businesses, which are credited with free service days based on the extent of the outage,” according to an LA Times report.

As of this writing however, Google has already fixed the problem and has assured its users.

“We’ve fixed the issue, and Gmail should be back up and running as usual. We’re still investigating the root cause of this outage, and we’ll share more information soon. Thanks for bearing with us.”