A newspaper-like Apple Tablet


This is again, about the undying rumor of the still-invisible Apple Tablet. This time, Gizmodo scored some additional juicy with regards to the much-rumored tablet.

In an article, Gizmodo says Apple execs maybe in talk with the big guys from magazines, newspapers and textbook companies to distribute print media through the tablet. It includes The New York Times, and possibly McGraw Hill and Oberlin Press.

The article also said that a few years back, a version of Apple’s OS X software was shown to Steve Jobs running on a multitouch tablet. The problem was that when asked “What would people do with this?”, they couldn’t find any answer, that’s why the idea wasn’t pursued. So with these new “developements”, does this mean Apple finally found a use for it?

But since Amazon’s Kindle is doing pretty well in this market with their static e-ink, the challenge then for Apple is to surpass it by integrating features that’ll convince both traditional readers and new readers. How? Uhm, let’s leave it to them, I’m pretty sure they’ll come up with a pretty good answer. 😉

Source: http://gizmodo.com/5370252/apple-tablet-aiming-to-redefine-newspapers-textbooks-and-magazines


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