Google wants you to ride the Wave

Credit: Google
Credit: Google

Starting today, Google began sending a total of 100,000 invites to developers, people who were quick to sign up to provide feedback, and customers of its Google Apps offerings to test the new Wave.

Google’s new messaging platform provides users with a merged email, online chat, social networking and “wiki” style collaboration, making it easier for people to collaborate faster and easier in real time while online.

According to Google’s official Wave site, a wave can both be a conversation and a document. Users can talk of anything, reply anywhere in the message and add content such as images, videos, maps and others.

“Google Wave is a lot more useful if your friends, family and colleagues have it too.”

Google admits that the Wave “isn’t quite ready for prime time”, Lars Rasmussen, Google engineering manager said in a blog post.

“There are also still key features of Google Wave that we have yet to fully implement,” he said.