Wikipedia changes “anyone can edit” policy


Anyone can write and edit in any article in Wikipedia right? Wrong.

Well, it was free for all before the online encyclopedia changed their come-one-come-all-invitation-to-write-and-edit policy on some of the entries.

Now, Wikipedia are putting limits on some of the articles that can be edited. With “flagged revisions”, editors are required to “sign off” on the edits before the articles can go live.

The previous freedom that users had in adding and editing articles gave way to Wikipedia’s fame in the internet world. However, it also caused them some well-publicized problems especially when it came to entries about living people, including false information and vandalisms.

“We are no longer at the point that it is acceptable to throw things at the wall and see what sticks,” Michael Snow, Wikimedia’s board chairman told The New York Times.

“There was a time probably when the community was more forgiving of things that were inaccurate or fudged in some fashion — whether simply misunderstood or an author had some ax to grind. There is less tolerance for that sort of problem now,” he added.

The change will soon be implemented on Wikipedia’s English version articles of living people.