Illegal downloaders in Britain may lose Internet access



1. You live in Britain and

2. You are addicted to downloading copyrighted materials (like films and music) from the web,

You better be careful or you’ll end up getting your Internet connection cut off – right in the middle of watching Britney on YouTube, or something. 😉

This proposal, announced Tuesday, is one of the British government’s efforts to take care of illegal file-sharing over the Web.

Treasury Minister Stephen Timms said that their previous plan of “punishing” illegal downloaders by restricting their broadband speed “did not go far enough”.

The most recent plan, has gone all out – including the possibility of blocking the offender’s access to download sites and maybe even banning them from the Internet altogether.

If the plans are passed when they come to Parliament in November, internet providers will be required to issue written warnings to subscribers if they are spotted (through the user’s IP address) on an illegal download site.