Microsoft releases OneApp


If you’ve been drooling for those apps that only smartphones are capable of running, but is hesitant to spend more than a feature phone’s worth, then this one’s for you.

Microsoft has released OneApp, a service that makes brings smartphone-like capabilities to feature phones.

“OneApp is a technology that is going to help people do things they couldn’t do before — anything from paying their bills to helping diagnose their health issues or just staying connected with friends and family,” Amit Mital, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential Group and Startup Business Accelerator said in the announcement yesterday.

Although smartphones are all the rage today, a lot of people still own feature phones which are also capable of running a small number of apps but usually has a difficulty in running more popular applications like Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, etc.

The OneApp application solves this problem by taking only 150KB of memory space, with its add-on apps just 30KB in size. The app also includes a cloud service which allows users to access the apps without having to store and install them to their devices.

The Microsoft OneApp will be first released in Africa with Blue Label Telecoms as the launch partner for the new technology.