Nissan’s electric car available next year


The Nissan Leaf is pure battery electric vehicle priced as a C-segment car. (Credit: Nissan)
The Nissan Leaf is pure battery electric vehicle priced as a C-segment car. (Credit: Nissan)

If you’re one of the green guys and by that I mean, you love mother earth (and not the other type of green 😉 ) this car’s for you.

This weekend photos and details of the Leaf were released by the company to satiate your curiosity. It is pure battery electric vehicle that uses a laminate lithium-ion battery pack with an output of over 90 kilowatts.

With a drive motor putting out 80 kilowatts of power, Nissan’s electric car can rival the performance of a gas-powered car. But in terms of operation costs, you’ll definitely be able to save more both in energy and maintenance when you use this car as there are fewer moving parts.

Aesthetically speaking, the Leaf doesn’t look to bad either. It has four doors and a hatchback and definitely looks very slick. You’ll never say no its cost too because although Nissan hasn’t announced a definite price, the company assures consumers that this will be affordable, pricing it as a C-segment car.

The Leaf uses regenerative breaking and when using a quick charger, it takes about 30 minutes to get the battery pack up to 80 percent. Pretty fast huh? For full recharging using a 200-volt source, it would take 8 hours to recharge.

And the icing on the cake? An onboard computer that is connected to a data center which receives diagnostic info from the car, a list of local recharge station, shows charge level and range, and of course, provides entertainment for passengers.

Pretty cool huh? And best of all, you don’t have to wait that long coz they will start production on 2010. 🙂