PCs: The next in line for web attacks?


Cyber attacks that caused a lot of sites to crash and slowed U.S. and South Korean websites could move on to attacking PCs which can wipe out hard disks, according to South Korean government agency and web security firm.

These attacks so far, which targeted government and business sites in South Korea and US, did not cause serious damages or security breaches. Yet.

Korea Communications Commission (KCC) however, warns that the a new wave of attacks will possibly cause severe damage to PCs by targeting the data on the infected personal computers.

The KCC released the names of five countries which are believed to be the bases of the original attacks. These countries are: Germany, Austria, Georgia, the United States and South Korea. It can be noted that North Korea is not included in the list, the country who was originally the prime suspect for launching the cyber attacks.

U.S. officials would not comment though on who might be behind the attacks but said that the U.S. government websites face attacks or scams “millions of times” daily.