Firefox 4.0 mockup released!

Firefox 4.0 Mock Up
Firefox 4.0 Mock Up

Look familiar? And nope, it’s not Google Chrome.

Mozilla has just released mockups that show what the new Firefox 4.0 might look like and yes, it does look like Google’s now very popular browser, Chrome which debuted last year.

Last week, Mozilla showed some mockups for the Firefox 3.7. It has eliminated the browser’s title bar which was replaced with two drop-down menu. This mockup of Firefox 4.0 shows two options, one that is similar to the 3.7 version and the other, looking very much like Chrome.

The 4.0 mockup shows a combination button to the right of the address bar that changes depending on what the browser is up to: it can be used to start loading a page whose address has been typed, to stop loading if it’s in the process of doing so, and to reload it if it’s finished loading, CNet reports.

Also, the mockup showed browser tabs on top, where the window title bar usually is placed. Again, another similar idea with Chrome. The designs however are still not final as Mozilla’s browser developers are still on the “exploration” stage.