Mac’s Pulse Smartpen now has hand-writing recognition


Released for the Mac earlier this year in collaboration with Vision Objects, the Pulse Smartpen is a pen with a built-in flash drive that can record what you write or draw. When used with Livescribe’s special paper, the pen can record any sound going on as you write things down.

So what’s new for this device?

Livescribe. The Pulse Smartpen’s maker just announced the release of MyScript for Livescribe. Mac users can now have handwriting-to-text transcription, something that was lacking on the previous versions of the device. MyScript allows Pulse Smartpen users to edit handwritten notes in Word, cover shapes, drawing, and tables, and even create a dictionary of frequently used words.

You can get your 1GB Smartpen version for $150 or you can opt to get the 2GB model which is sold for $200.

The MyScript for Livescribe software is available as a free 30-day trial from Vision Objects then you will be needing $30 if you want to activate your copy of the software.

Only those Intel-based Macs running on OS X 10.4 or 10.5 can use MyScript though as it not compatible with the older versions.