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Facebook vs Big Brother… again!

facebook-big-brother This might be what they mean that a company headed by a single man would go to ruin. They said two (or more) heads are better than one, but Facebook’s CEO calls all the shots himself. Spending cash like it was his pocket money, and throwing features left and right, forcing the timeline. There are […] Read more →

Malware detected! Cyber-war lunges forward

free app that easily turns your notebook into wifi hotspot Now may be a good time to click the update button to your anti-virus software. A couple of weeks ago, while trying to locate and identify a very illusive viper/wiper program that has been infecting Iranian computers, Kaspersky Lab has detected something even larger and more threatening than described. The malware, currently dubbed as “Flame”, is […] Read more →

Google attacked for privacy concerns

googlemaps Google is currently being attacked for privacy concerns due to the issue of gathering information to be used in their products. If anyone has been using Google maps in countries like the USA, you would notice that there is a “street view” option. This allows you to view in a 360 degree angle the area […] Read more →

Facebook introduces new privacy settings

 If you haven’t signed in to your Facebook account today, you probably haven’t seen this notification yet. Don’t worry though, because everyone – that’s more than 350 million members – is getting the same too and yes, you are required to do something about it sooner or later. “We care so much about this that […] Read more →