Privacy Important? Here’s a Google-free Alternative

privacy important

People nowadays engage in Social Media sites but most of us still considers privacy important. A new mobile OS is now made available for those peeps who focus more on privacy.

Privacy Important to Others

For those looking for an alternative to the two tech giants: Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, there is a new operating system based on Android.

eelo is an operating system for smartphones which doesn’t use Google services. The idea behind eelo is to place empphasis on a user’s privacy.

Born from the existing LineageOS, eelo is Android-based open-source OS which rose from the ashes of CyanogenMod.

The said operating system will forgo the Google Play Store, Google Play Services and Google Services which will let people who consider this item useful find it easily.

It is still under development because it said to include an “eelo store” wherein APKPure and open-source applications can be found.

By default, eelo will use the Quad 9 DNS, which preserves and blocks access to known malicious websites.