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Amazon shifts attention from consumers to developers

10 Amazon Inc. is trying to change tradition as the consumer-only focus mindset of the company is slowly becoming a developer oriented business. The strategy shift focuses on app developers as the retail giant is now aggressively courting the latter to strengthen the market of their Kindle Fire amid heavy pressure coming from rival companies including […] Read more →

Amazon developing own smartphone

Amazon developing own smartphone People familiar with Amazon say that is working with suppliers from Asia in their pursuit to develop a smartphone that can compete with other big named manufacturers in the smartphone market. According to individuals working in some Amazon supply chains in Asia,  the company is trying vigorously to test a smartphone that they can […] Read more →

Archos launches 97 Carbon tablet

Archos launches 97 Carbon tablet Another company is joining the tablet fray as Archos has unveiled their own version set to pit against affordable Android tablets and the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Archos 97 Carbon is the Archos first entry level tablet in its Elements line. It is being powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Archos 97 Carbon features a […] Read more →

iPad Mini to be released before 2012 ends?

iPad Mini to be released before 2012 ends? The rumor that an iPad Mini is coming soon has been spreading like wildfire in cyberspace may have a little truth after all. The speculated iPad Mini, which individuals say is a game changer, could be coming out before the year ends. According to reports coming from Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, the much […] Read more →

Amazon to cut the price of Kindle Fire by 25%

Amazon to cut the price of Kindle Fire by 25% Wanting to own a Kindle Fire? Well, hold your horses as Amazon might be slashing the price of the Kindle Fire by 25% later on this year after they release they latest ebook reader. Amazon Kindle Fire made waves last holiday season, as the tablet became a huge alternative to Apple’s iPad. However, after the […] Read more →